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Raw material wood

Wood! Pure nature!

e+m Holzprodukte presents exclusive products in wood. Therefore we need natural resources for this: Wood. Our products make use of more than 20 different types of wood. Most of the types of wood are from Europe and a very few from overseas.

We prefer to work mainly with our domestic wooden species. Some of our beech trees we saw in our own forest in the south-east of Nuremberg, e.g. the picturesque Hasenloh countryside in the region Pilsach or the Ottenberg forest in the region Labersricht.


We want to supply you with a high-quality wood product you will be able to enjoy for a long time; to allow us to do this, our woods undergo a number of production and inspection steps which ensure the quality. For example, they are stored for up to two years just to let them dry properly. Mahogany and olive wood have to dry longer, until to seven years.
We would like to give you a brief review of the wooden species used for our products. A large number of our domestic woods such as pear, cherry or walnut belong to precious woods.


Sustainability is our watchword!

Sustainability is our highest priority. Controlled forestry ensures that the number of trees felled in German forests is much lower than natural growth. We, however, have also undergone FSC®-certification to give our customers the certainty of controlled sustainability. The certification chain extends from the forests to the sawmill and up to the processor.

Only when all the strict rules of the FSC Commission have been satisfied  may the product bear the FSC logo.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) was founded in 1993. It is the aim of the FSC® to promote environmentally friendly, socially compatible and economically sustainable management of the world`s forests.
The FSC® organises an international accreditation system for forestry products which is now required by a number of large buying companies in North America and Europe.

All products, which bear the FSC® logo, can be shown to come from forests which meet the internationally recognised principles and criteria of the FSC®.